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We at Tabibi exists to provide the highest level of healthcare services to our valued customers. Strives to be one of the Complementary and Integrative medical facilities in the State of Qatar which offer specializations of Ent (Hearing and Balance Disorders), Internal Medicine and Cupping Therapy (Hijama) in which Complementary and Alternative Medicine includes practices such as massage, Ayurveda, acupuncture and homeopathy. We have set our sights on expanding the number of specialization in the near future.

Internal Medicine Clinic

The Internal Medicine Clinic, a patient centered care clinic provides comprehensive continuity of care to chronic and common medical condition . Our internists specialize in medical management of patients with complex medical problems An internist can serve as your primary care doctor,Internal medicine encompasses diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diverse diseases and conditions as well as long term management of chronic and complex problems of adults and the elderly.

The Clinic for Ages, Elderly and Geriatrics

Aimed to promote health and wellbeing, disabilities in older adults. It involves special care involving in ethical conversations consultations with the unique pattern seen in seniors, by closely working with other disciplines.

Hearing and Balance Clinic

Hearing and balance disorders cross all ethnic and social lines by negatively impacting quality of life. At Tabibi, we have specialized diagnosis and treatments for tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, unsteadiness or blurred vision after movement of the head, and hearing loss (age related or due to infection).

Homeopathy Clinic

This branch of alternate medicine treats illnesses by triggering the body’s natural defenses so that the body can cure itself using extracts from plants and minerals in sugar pellets or drops. A homeopath will ask several questions about your mental, emotional, and physical health in order to prescribe a tailored treatment that best matches all the symptoms.

Cupping Clinic

A team of experienced health professionals, acupressure nurses passionate about alternative medicine treat people with holistic healing techniques such as wet, dry, massage, magnet cupping. We also offer a diverse range of cupping therapy wellness treatments with acupressure, aroma therapy, and moxibustion treatments which are fast and effective for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries that need attention. We also specialize in treating sports related injuries using a plethora of complementary and traditional techniques. In addition, we provide treatment in magnetic cupping therapy.

Gliding Massage Cupping

The application of specific treatment and evaluation by medical massage therapist is the basis for the treatment and techniques applying to specific conditions related to muscular pain, trigger point therapy, myofascial release to aid in muscle health recovery or resolving a specific ailment. Synergetic reflex therapy, Marnitz therapy, spinal therapy dorn, Hawk’s pain therapy specialized in the treatment of tendons and muscles in patient with chronic pain.

Complementary / Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The terms "complementary medicine" or "alternative medicine" refer to a broad set of health care practices that are not part of that country's own tradition or conventional medicine and are not fully integrated into the dominant health-care system. They are used interchangeably with traditional medicine in some countries.

T&CM is an important and often underestimated part of health care. It is found in almost every country in the world and the demand for its services is increasing. T&CM have been proved quality, safety, efficacy, and contributes to the goal of ensuring that all people have access to care. Many countries now recognize the need to develop a cohesive and integrative approach to health care that allows governments, health care practitioners, and most importantly those who use health care services to access T&CM in a safe, respectful, cost-efficient and effective manner. A global strategy to foster its appropriate integration, regulation and supervision will be useful to countries wishing to develop a proactive policy towards this important and often vibrant and expanding part of health care.

CAM can be practiced by healthcare practitioners (doctors, nurses, & AHP) of conventional medicine, as well as by any well-trained practitioner of non-conventional medicine. Integrated medicine, which combines Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as well as conventional medicine, is gaining popularity among medical practitioners and healthcare providers. With the outstanding global growth of this trend, we have realized it is imperative on our part to regulate CAM services and educate the community about these medical streams that have been receiving wider acceptance.

Ayurveda Clinic

The world’s oldest holistic healing system promoting wellness through complete herbal treatment as well as body cleansing procedures.


We successfully lunched multidsplinary clinic were patient first checked by most internal experience physicians prior to cupping procedure patient need to fill health qutioners before under going complementary medicine.

1st licenced center for complementary medicine in state of Qatar that provide services under medical supervision.

We took all infection control measures.

More happy customers, well experienced doctors, high technology facilities, high quality services.

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