Why Tabibi?

We at Tabibi see an integrated functioning of all departments.

Well Experienced Doctors

Hands-on experience in providing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive medical services to geriatric population.

High Technology Facilities

We are using all latest technology facilities for all our treatments.

High Quality Services

Our medical specialty Internists deals with diagnosis and are skilled in the management of patients with multisystem diseases because patients often require complex investigations so the sub specialty in geriatrics, hearing and balance are an added bonus to our clinic.



We successfully lunched multidsplinary clinic were patient first checked by most internal experience physicians prior to cupping procedure patient need to fill health qutioners before under going complementary medicine.

1st licenced center for complementary medicine in state of Qatar that provide services under medical supervision.

We took all infection control measures.

More happy customers, well experienced doctors, high technology facilities, high quality services.

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